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I know i do not post much, but i read a-lot on here🙂 I feel like my Endo is getting worse

So the beginning of 2017 I was really depressed because I felt like my doctor was just fobbing me off with all different kinds of pills. He wouldn’t really listen to my problems but just give me pills for whatever he felt would help and knowingly that my body sensitive to a lot of medication and that always get some kind of side-effects as much as some tablets see weight loss I always get the weight gain. More than half year ago I said to my doctor the list side of my stomach really hurts and it felt like every time I had a period something was pulling.

A few more months have passed and I feel like the pain has got worse as though my organs are stuck together because the pain has got so bad and when I go to the hospital I just get fobbed off unless someone truly understands what endometriosis is they don’t really give a damn and they just kind of like you’re exaggerating your pain and feeling sorry for yourself which is ridiculous and you must feel like you’re so alone because no one understands I just told you it’s just a period.

It almost makes you just want to commit suicide at times just ignore in that pain no more and so you don’t have to be that pain.....

even when you try get certainBenefits because you can’t work they look at you like it’s only a period to your survive it’s not just a period it’s far from just a period and when you don’t have no support from your friends and family that’s even worse I just feel as confused as this post because I have so much to say but don’t know how to say

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Big hugs. So sorry you are in pain and struggling to get help. I would take a copy of the NICE guidelines to a different GP and push for a gynae referral is the pain has worsened.


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