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Pain Worse Than Before Whilst Pooping After Lap


Ow ow ow!

Currently sat on the toilet as I type this, in agonising pain.

So it's been a whole week now since my lap and everything is healing beautifully. Today I drove my car and did the school runs by myself.

I've not had too much on the side of complications other then an awful lot of migraines! I'm blaming the re introduction of the Prostap for those bad boys!


So before my lap, as a lot of other ladies I'm sure, I got excruciating pain up my bum just before I needed a poo.

Now it took me 3 days to have a poo after surgery and I'm not gonna lie I was impacted and it fricking hurt, I swear my kids were smaller when they were born!! 😑😑

Anyways ever since that monstrous bowel movement, I'm now experiencing really bad pain before, during and after I have a poop.

I had work down on my bowel, maybe that's why?

No massive amount of blood from there, just the usual I had before hand, a few dots when I wipe.

Is this normal to experience such pain after a lap when you've had bowel work done?

I can't tell you what they did as I can't remember it all, but they had to separate my bowel and remove endo, that's all I can remember.

Please tell me, we still don't experience the pains associated with endo in the bowel afterwards?

I'm hoping it's just cause I did that massive poop last week and maybe it's sore inside from that?

If it's still like this come Thursday I will contact my GP and Specialist and see what they say.

But other then the bum pain, all is good!

I'm really surprised at how easier everything is now, 7 days on.

Don't get me wrong, it still bloody hurts when I bend, stretch and well yeah ok, it hurts all the time I move to be fair, but from what it was, I feel 80% healed.

Lots of love to you ladies xxx

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There are a few explanations for this. I’d say because you had work done on your bowel that it’s still healing from your op. Maybe consider taking a stool softener for a few weeks so that your poos are easier to pass while you’re healing.

Also, your first poo post-op could have caused an internal fissure (tear). Fissures are tiny but cause a ton of pain. Again, a stool softener will help if a fissure is your problem.

Remember to drink lots of water and eat fibre rich foods.


Thank you, I've been taking a still softener since the blockage episode and I'm still continually in pain when I get the feeling of needing to open my bowels so I think a trip to the GP is on the cards if I can get in x


You could still be healing from the work you had done, but my GP had also told me that if you’re constipated after surgery then you’re also quite likely to end up with a small tear in your bowel after you first go. It heals itself but is really sore at first and can cause bleeding xx

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Thanks for replying :) yeah I think it's a mixture of everything that's been done, but it still really hurts even after passing super soft poop's. So I'm going to try and get booked in at my GP x


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