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Uncomfortable pain left side


Hi everyone,

I am currently experiencing an uncomfortable pain on my left side, located just below my hip and over slightly to the right. I had this same pain last month but on my right side? Does anyone know what this is? Is it my ovaries? Why does it swap sides? So uncomfortable :(

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Hi, how long does the pain last for? It could be ovulation pain if it comes about once a month x

Ive had it on and off for the last few days? X

Mine usually lasts for anything up to 3 days-like a cross between period pain and a stitch, but on one side of my lower abdomen. I have scarring from endometriosis, so I tend to feel ovulation more strongly than women usually do...that’s my best guess though x

Yes it sounds like what your describing, same place. How long have you had endometriosis? X

That’s good news, as although it’s painful it’s nothing to worry about. I actually find it comforting to know I’m still ovulating. My endo was caused by an emergency op I had in 2011, but wasn’t diagnosed until last year x

Ok do you get pains throughout the month? X

Nope-only around ovulation and period x

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