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Does this sound like endo?

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I get really bad pain a week before my period, and the most intense deep period pains (if i don't take a lot of codeine i can't do ANYTHING it's horrific). I get a really sharp pain in my right lower side. It feels like a stabbing/tearing and like something is tugging or twisted. It pulls and hurts when i: cough, sneeze, exercise, move quickly. It often also hurts when i drink a lot of alcohol or need the toilet too.

Does anyone else get these symptoms?

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Stabbing pains sound like the horrid ones I get with my endo. If you explain to the doctor and keep pushing them. It took me almost 10 years to get diagnosed with endometriosis - they tested for IBS, bladder issues and ovarian cysts before they finally diagnosed endometriosis back in 2000. Maybe an ultrasound will make it show up, that's how they found mine in the end and I had endo and cysts.

I hope you get sorted 💜

I dont get as bad pains but I do get dull aches in my lower back a week before my period 😮

I get dull aches in my lower back and tummy sometimes it does go into more of an intense pain

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