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Prostaglandin pain, anyone help??

Hi there, I’m probably not really on the right site but a little desperate and cannot find where to go. For 10 years I’ve suffered with what was believed to be endometriosis before internal investigations/scans ruled that out and was diagnosed with over active prostaglandins, when I get an attack the pain is overwhelming and is affecting my life, has anyone experience with these? Websites talk about diet that can improve symptoms? I’m currently on the contraceptive pill to try manage the production which worked for a while but it seems to be coming back, next step was a hysterectomy but I’m only 36, is this really my only option! Help x

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Hi Satsumaface sorry I can’t offer much advice but I am having similar problems to you. I am 47 now and have always suffered with really painful periods. However about 7 years ago the pain became excruciating one day on the first day of my monthly cycle. I thought that I had food poisoning as I had sickness etc. I have since gone on to experience this same thing every few months. My GP assumes that it is Prostaglandins as the ultrasound that I had done twice was clear. I haven’t yet been checked for endo although my GP suspects that I may well have it, but I am pretty sure that I will have to get checked eventually as when the pain does strike I feel like calling for an ambulance but I am in too much pain to do so! I know that I need to get to the bottom of this but like you I am stuck in limbo at the moment!


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