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Procedure of laparoscopy

"Hello everyone,

I was so worried before related to my condition. Doctors told me that I have to get through a procedure of laparoscopy. I am so worried and devastated that time. My dear husband told me and encouraged me which gives me a little hope now. I know it's just a procedure but now I am so worried about its outcomes. I am not sure what to do. The doctor told me that I have to go through the MRI first. What should I do? Is it something that I should get worried about. Help would be nice for me. please help.


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I am due to have mine in January and am nervous too, but it is a simple procedure. Most people don't even need to stay over night, it's just so they can officially give a diagnosis and may be able to remove any growth that shouldnt be there. I know its so easy to say, but try not to worry too much. Thats so good you have your husband there to support you, i hope your operation goes ok xx


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