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give me solutions

Hello all! What a wonderful environment to share our issues. Well yes, I am here to share my issue. This is related to my husband. I was considering myself infertile and this guilt was ending me up. But in past days we had a test which claims that this is all because of less sperm power of my husband. So, I have no idea how to deal with it. I haven't shared the news with my husband yet. Should I tell him? give me solutions to my issues. Thanks in advance.

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Hi lovely.

I am so sorry you are struggling to conceive. I have been trying for 6 and a half years and after my endo was found and treated we conceived but lost the baby at 4 and a half weeks.

For us it was just my endo which caused our infertility.

I can't really comment on the male factor fertility- I know some men have taken good vitamins, had showers not baths, and cut alcohol and smoking out and had improved results.

There are two other support groups- fertility network and fertility, IVF and miscarriage which people maybe able to offer better advice.

I wish you all the best on this difficult and painful journey and hope you have success xoxo


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