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Advice for seeing GP?

Hi team, just looking for someone to talk to/get advice from! Over the last 3-4 years my periods have gotten more and more painful (I’m 37 FYI). Now it puts me in bed for minimum 1-2 days a month because of the pain. In March (promoted by my husband!) I decided to start tracking everything via an app and log symptoms. I feel mild cramping during ovulation. A get a deep ache/pain sometimes after sex and going to the bathroom (usually more noticeable just before or during periods). The cramps (particularly at the start of a period) are crazy painful, takes my breath away. Makes me feel nauseous. And lately at the start of the period the cramps even though through the roof, there’s little to no bleeding. My periods are now much lighter and shorter but really painful. I’m going to head to a doctor of course because I’m soooo over it!! But wanting to sound this out with other ladies that know they have Endometriosis to see if I’m right to be quite suspicious and completely over feeling like arse!!!! Reading all these horror stories about trying to get diagnosed any advice on what to push the GP for would be great??

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