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Endo has kicked my confidence!

Hi everyone, I don't post often but reading all of your posts really helps me feel less alone in all this!

I'm struggling a little at the moment, since all the pain started and having to quit my job my confidence has really hit rock bottom. Every time I convince myself 'yeah I can do this!!' I get a flare up or something happens which makes me feel less like the confident, happy go lucky person I used to be!

I am currently studying a masters but I'm hoping to go back to work in the next few months, I guess I'm just scared of not being capable anymore? Makes me question why anyone would hire me at all!

Anyone else struggling with self confidence? How do you guys build yourself back up again after this?


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Hi, I'm sorry you feel that way I'm sending virtual hugs 😭 I part know how you feel this is my 4th day off placement due to endo and flu on days this I try not to dwel too much I try and do things I like watching friends and window shopping 😮 YOU CAN DO IT someone will hire you you are more than capable of doing the job you specialise in 😮 You've got to think as well you are doing a master as well as working thats like 2 jobs 😮 If you feel stressed try buscopan or other ibs tablets to prevent the flare up 🤔


Hi, I am sorry you feel that way. I have been battling endo for some years now, so I share in your worries. I have had embarrassing days at work (e.g. heavy bleeding which left my seat soaked) and my male colleagues had to help me to my car. Endo has taught me not to have shame anymore. Despite all these, I still hold my head high at work and I am still respected by my colleagues. So darling, you are a strong woman, don't let this mess with your confidence. Go out there, hold your head high, do anything that makes you happy, hang out with friends and families and do some window shopping when you have the time...

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It kicked my confidence too. Everytime I try to talk about my feelings, about endometriosis nobody listens which left me feeling very lonely in this. I used to feel stronger before I knew about endo but right now I'm feeling little low and less confident about myself.

Hope you get through it ♥️ You have all my support!


We completely understand. I am struggling to work 40 hours a week plus 15 hours travel on top plus keep my home nice and walk my 2 dogs, spend time with my teenage son. We all find ways of coping and mine is I literally spend one day off a week in my pjs all day watching films and napping on and off to recover from the week and to prepare for the week ahead. I’ve been very open with my employer and my colleagues about my problems and they have all been very supportive, I’m actually in the midst of getting a promotion despite having had sick days, days being sent home by my employer and a melt down with me in floods of tears saying I can’t cope anymore I want my life back. Some days it makes me feel lazy and miss the “old” me that used to have energy and make plans and socialize and I know some friends don’t understand but I am adapting to the way I know have to live my life. You are never alone and this group really offers fantastic support at times most needed. When you start doubting yourself just think well I made it through yesterday and I’ve got up today to face it all again. You’re stronger than you know. Big hugs xxx


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