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Does anyone else’s periods last than 2 days?

Hi ladies hope everyone is ok.

Brief history- endo found and treated in pod by fertility dr, conceived afterwards but lost the baby at 4 and a hAlf weeks in July, the symptoms I had prior the lap have returned and others.

I had a scan in November and apparently my uterus lining is not in uniform according to my fertility consultant- he thinks there is some tissue that needs removing and he has referred me to his colleague who is an expert at hysteroscopy.

As I stated my symptoms are back and my periods now last less than 2 days. I also have terrible issues with my bowels- you don’t want to know the gory details!

I don’t know what is causing me these issues- whether it is the tissue or maybe my endo has returned.

I’m seeing a dr tonight as I need to know if all of this is definitely gynae.

Does anyone else’s periods behave oddly with endo? xoxo

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Hi sorry to hear about your baby💗, I'm ttc too.

I have had two surgeries.I used to have heavy period in my teens and early20's but since been on the pill back to back and the injection my period only last 2 day's too that's about 7 year's now.however I get extremely bad pain 2 weeks before,ovulation also. I was told my endorsement is very close to bowel and nerves can do anything as too close to nerves. I have really bad rectal pain do you?sciatica also.

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Thank you lovely.

I get many bowel issues as well as gynae ones- my endo was in my pouch of Douglas.

The bowel pain can be unreal even when I'm careful with what I eat.

I get constant pain lower left abdominal side and it's now getting as bad as it was just before my laparoscopy which makes me worry it has returned.

I'm under a fertility specialist and according to him my lining is not in uniform and there is some tissue that may need removing- so he referred me to his colleague for further investigations.

The gps will only treat the pain and last time i ended up with worse bowels because of the painkillers I was taking.

I always had really heavy and painful periods from my teens too- I didn't know I had endo till I'd been trying for nearly six years- the drs were so dismissive until I found my fertility doctor and he's been amazing.

All the best with your trying I truly hope you're pregnant soon xoxo


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