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Finally Had My Surgery!

Hello ladies,

So I had my surgery yesterday, a little later then expected as the morning list ran well into the afternoon, so I didn't go down till 4pm, I was in recovery till 9pm then onto the ward for about 9.15pm ish!

My poor partner had been beside himself worrying. I'm in my own room so they let him still with me till about 1am which we were both really thankful for.

I'm ok, really sore, I have 4 cuts that I can see, so happy that it wasn't open surgery like they warned. I've already had my catheter removed this morning, so now I need to let them know when I have a wee so they can measure it and then I'll have my bladder scanned to make sure it's working properly.

I've got lovely inflatable leg cuffs on that give me pressure massages every half a minute alternating. They are so relaxing!

I'm still on oxygen as I'm struggling with wind and being able to get a full breath. The wind pain is under my right boob / rib and on my right collar bone area. So they're giving me hot peppermint oil to soothe that.

I really shouldn't have worried as much as I should have, as the whole experience hasn't been that bad!

Yes I was petrified, I was first on the afternoon list, so had to be there for 12pm and had an enema which literally worked about 2 minutes later, that was a shock, I nearly exploded outside the toilet! Then because I was given Temazepan x2 for a premed I was confined to the bed till the afternoon list started about half 1.

Unfortunately as stated above I didn't go down till much later.

The pre med made me trip my pants off, my partner informed me this morning I was singing 'when I was a young warthog, when he was a young warthog!' Over and over again, and apparently I was watching the lion king and continued to stare at the wall as if I was watching it, singing along to all the songs!! xD

So when I eventually got wheeled down, I then had a further 45 minute wait in a really cold room just outside theatre but luckily there was a hospital worker there to chat too, then they came in to that room and spoke to him about needing to re arrange, my ears pricked up as obviously I've had surgery cancelled there and then before so I spoke up and she confirmed it was the lady after me not me.

So off I get wheeled into the anaesthesia room, I have a lovely young man, very openly camp, he was lovely, holding my hand whilst the main guy did my needle, which failed twice! Then I was given an oxygen mask to wear and told to breath normally into it as soon they would start to feed through the gas, that really smells by the way, it's such a strange smell. My voice went really deep aswell, I had the camp guy in stitches as it wasn't working, I got told off for fighting it. In the end I admitted defeat and let it work ;) plus the main dude had given me the stuff in my hand.

I remember waking up in recovery and shaking violently, they had to hold me down, I was crying out for my partner and asking if I was still alive and why I was peeing myself (obviously the sensation from the catheter).

I eventually calmed down enough to take in what was happening, I was still off my tits, I was now holding the male nurses hand and telling him how soft his hands were and asking him how I was still alive and why I didn't die!! :|

I remember being wheeled down to the ward on the trolley and seeing my partners shoe sticking out from the corner of my eye, God that was amazing to see him!!

Because I have my own room the nurses have been really slack with visiting, so I was only without him during the night, he brought me some supplies this morning and stayed till 12pm, he's now gone to our sons nativity, and will come back with the kids tonight at official visiting.

He was here this morning when my surgeon came around and filled me in on what happened etc.

I have stage 4 endometriosis, I had a large endometrioma on my left ovary which he removed but also had to cut some ovary away, a smaller endometrioma aswell as a Cyst on my right ovary which they also removed. His colleagues did work on my bladder and bowel as they were all stuck together, I didn't quite fully understand what exactly they did, but I don't have a colostomy bag!! So that's a relief.

The plan is, I'm to get a 7th injection of Prostap before I leave, and to start ad back therapy, I'll have 2 further injections of Prostap. Then I able able to continue trying for a baby.

He said I will see him again in 3m, then again at 6m, where if we haven't conceived he will do a referral to the fertility team via my doctor so that's all up and running for my 9m appointment. Then I'll see him at 12mth, 18mth and then again at 2 years!

I really didn't expect this amount of after care, so I am very happy about this, as I've read some of you ladies have just had cases closed etc. Am I right in guessing that this is because he's a BSGE specialist?

He has warned me, because of the extensive amount of endo, my other problems, my age 31, and other things we may struggle to conceive. But he said I can start trying for a pregnancy as soon as I've had my next 3 months of Prostap.

This doesn't bother me all to much, as we already have 3 children, and I feel blessed with that. But I would like to have a child with my partner.

The plan is either home later tonight or in the morning depending on how I get on with passing urine on my own.

I must say I really enjoyed having the catheter, I didn't realise it just sucks it out of you without you knowing.

The complications I've had so far is they damaged my uvula (the dangly bit in your throat, so mines really stretched, bloodied and dangling down longer then normal so it's catching in my throat. I spent all morning trying to cough up a hard bit of phlegm only to look in the mirror and see it was my uvula! They said it will return to normal in a couple of days.

I have 4 cuts that I can feel, dressing wise, they'll get changed before I go home, then they'll stay on for 5 days and then I can have a bath and remove them, the stitches will dissolve on their own.

I've had a terrible headache since coming round, I think this is probably a mixture of stress, and everything else.

My overall experience has been quite good, the staff have all been fantastic, I have a lovely lady in the next room to me which has helped as she's been really kind to fetch me headphones for the tv last night and sick bowels etc.

I really shouldn't have worried so much as I did, I do feel a little bit silly. I guess it's just natural.

So if anybody is reading this, please don't worry, everyone is so nice and good with you!

Thanks for all your support and well wishes.

Kat xxx

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I am so pleased that all was positive and went well! Delighted for you that all went smoothly. Trusting your throat heals soon and you make a speedy and full recovery from your op. Rest plenty and also when you get home. Xo

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Hi Kat!

Wow, it's so amazing you've managed to detail your experience so clearly...I was in a total brain fog for ages after my lap (feel like I still am 3 months later to be honest)!!!!

I'm SO pleased you got through it okay!!! I told you you were made of strong stuff!!!

Excellent news that you didn't need that stoma bag after all. Yes, I'm sure the doctors have to warn people that it's always a possibility, but it clearly isn't an inevitability.

It sounds like you really entertained all the staff and your partner yesterday ;)!! Really great that the staff were and are so caring and that your partner was there for you - what a sweetie!

I do hope you continue to recover really well...and hope your uvula heals quickly. Sounds like you've got a much better chance of having another baby now as well...fingers crossed!

Anyway, really well done for getting through it....and really hope you'll be able to keep the endo under control from now with your injections.

Take very good care of yourself and try not to do too much too quickly when you get back home...lots and lots of resting up and relaxing.

Fantastic news to hear you're okay and everything went well!!!


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