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Maybe a stupid question but freaking out

The BSGE centres, what do they do? Are the the same as an gynaecologist?

And do you have to have an endoscopy? Cause I really don't want that? Iv get an appointment in February at croyden hospital that is BSGE.

Iv already been diagnosed with endometriosis in December last year.

Just want to know what to expect and what is going to happen? For those who have been to a BSGE Centre.

Sorry if it's stupid, I'm just over thinking and worrying



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Hi depending on the location and severity will determine whether you need an endo specialist. The nice guidelines can be found online. You can also find locations of your nearest NHS endometriosis centre online.

I had my endo from and treated by my fertility doctor so i can't comment on what happens at an endo centre. I am concerned mine has returned since my miscarriage and although I'm under a gynae I'm going to push for referral to an endo specialist as I think mine has grown on my bowels.

Gynaecologists can do more damage than good if they operate on particular locations as unless they bsge registered.

I hope one of the ladies can give you a more detailed response than mine!

I do wish you the best and hope it goes well xoxo

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Thank you! The endo unit Iv been referred to treats all stages of endometriosis. So I'm hoping I'll get treated better there! Xx


No, they will not force an endoscopy on you. I've been treated at a bsge centre and never had one (it's the tube down the throat, so most women with endo don't need it anyway). Plus they can only suggest. The final decision is always yours. The bsge consultants are endo specialists and can carry out more difficult excisions surgeries including excision of rectovaginal endo which a general gynae is not skilled enough to do. They also have bowel and bladder consultants with a special interest in endo.

At my first appointment I had a TV ultrasound with a specialist doctor. Although I had already been diagnosed, the assessment at the centre was far more thorough and they found endo that the original gynae hadn't, including adenomyosis. Then saw the consultant at a later date, who went through the findings of the scan and organised my surgeries and medications.

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Awh happy for you! I'm glad your getting somewhere! I don't feel so worried now! I'm just in so much pain 24/7, and the gynaecologist keeps saying she got rid of all of my endo(witch I know she can't 100% do that) she isn't an specialist either. She keeps telling me it's not endo anymore cause she got rid of it all but then she isn't telling me what else it is. So I'm hoping to get treated better here xx


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