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Can't find answers?? read this! endo found after 7 years, all because of uneducated doctors!! (18 y/0)

I've posted several times on here about suffering with extreme endo symptoms since age 11 (when i first started my period). I've had all the tests done, a D&C, colonoscopy, and even a lap about 2 years ago. The past doctors i've seen were absolute crap and didn't take it seriously. I'm 18 now and at the time was very young. But, i just met w a specialist at a children's hospital bout a month ago and she was amazing. she believed me and told me to erase everything in the past. she scheduled my surgery and offered to place an IUD. i had the surgery less than a week ago and they finally found endo HIDDEN under my organs. it was on my bladder and colon. i started crying my eyes out when i was told the news. i was so RELIEVED!! i felt like writing this post because i went undiagnosed SO many years and literally was told nothing was wrong with me. my last surgeon did my lap and took about 4 pictures and did surgery in 15 minutes. my new amazing specialist took an hour and a half and took 18 pictures. although they were not able to remove some of it due to damaging things, she is putting me on lupron to put me through menopause. but seriously, if you even have the SLIGHTEST symptom of endometriosis, GO AND GET SURGERY OR EVEN MORE. chronic pain is not normal!!!!!!! surgery sucks but now i finally have a plan for my life and so should everyone else. please feel free to message me if you have questions, i would love to help.

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Honestly, because of how severe my symptoms were, 6 months of Lupron was some of the best 6 months of my life, because it at least showed me what was possible.

But you can't be on it for longer than that. I had hot flashes and it seems like my bones pop and crack a little bit more than they used to which is a little nerve-wracking but I recently had a laparoscopy and they removed a lot of the scar tissue and a couple of fibroids, and so far I've had really good luck with it. I just know that it's important to have a really good doctor for the surgery, so that you don't have a lot of recovery time or bruising or scars.

I'm currently on birth control, which I cannot do without because my hormones get way too out of control. So the surgery and the birth control and then me taking l-theanine which is an over-the-counter supplement which helps with the anxiety, which I'm not sure if it's triggered by my hormones or not, but I just try to knock out as many of the symptoms as I can. But I think the surgery contributed a lot to the lack of pain that I have it's a different kind of pain that I have now it has more to do with endometriosis flare ups and less to do with the fact that my intestines were fused with scar tissue to the back of my belly button which made it really difficult to bring my stomach in at all and it was extremely painful. So, every single person is totally different. If you can go to several doctors I recommend that, because that's what I had to do. to Just to hear several different suggestions, and actually the last after ended up going to was a referral so that's what I recommend is an OBGYN in that specializes in laparoscopic scar removal that's going to be your best bet.


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