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Does anyone’s else have their endo pain flare up during sickness bugs?

Hi ladies.

Random question - I assumed I picked up a puking bug from the school where I work. 🤢

I had endo removed from POD and conceived but lost the baby very early,

Since then my periods have become unmanageable heavy and huge clots. I have also suffered bowel issues.

A scan revealed an “not uniform lining “ and my fertility consultant has referred me to the hysteroscopy outpatient department- my consultation will take place in January 15th.

Last night after dinner I suffered severe endo pain in pod and period pain that was so strong it felt like labour and I was unable to do anything- my hubby ran me a bath ( he is used to my endo pain) after the bath I threw up all my dinner. Felt a bit better afterwards till I started getting strong period pain again- threw up again several times. At 3 o clock this morning tried some water- but ended up in pain and diarrhoea and sickness.

Is this normal to get endo pain with other illnesses? X

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Yes I do. As your not well the disease can do more damage as immune system is poor, equally a virus can be worse cos of Endo. I caught a mouth infection at the Dentist in May while having ONLY a check up! I had a good tooth removed cos antibiotics didn't work.Pus in my eye and nose and the jaw attacked. Head pain, migraineand sight issues. I was very ill. Finally recovered in September! Two years ago I had shingles twice and 3 years earlier I had Shingles 4 times. If I get a cold I can get fluid on the lung. When I was about 40 this was when my body started not to cope. So much of my body is impaired by Endo damage. For as I have serious type the specialist said Endo won't kill you. Organ failure will or the increased chance of Cancer by having the disease. All Endo suffers have to look after themselves more than the average woman. J x

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