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Worsening Endo pain and symptoms

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Hi everyone, I’ve just joined the forum and I was wondering if anybody can offer some advice.

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in May this year after having a laparoscopy. For the first few weeks after my surgery I found that most of the pain either stopped or became bearable, and I was able to control my bladder better. Before my operation I had to pee nearly every hour, day and night!

Over the last few months the pain has started to get worse again and now I feel like the pain is more unbearable than before my operation. I’ve also had quite a few UTIs which I’d never had before. I’m back to peeing so much that I hate going out without knowing where a restroom is and it’s so painful if I don’t go immediately.

The pain is concentrated around where I think my bladder is and my ovaries, and the pain is also shooting up my back where my kidneys are.

I’m concerned that I could have bladder endometriosis or it’s just coming back quickly yet my consultant said I shouldn’t need another op for a few years.

It’s really starting to affect my life! Has anybody experienced pain like this around their bladder and up their back? Could it be the endometriosis coming back quicker than expected?

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