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Endometrioma Cyst & Pregnancy


So I'm just wondering if it's possible / dangerous to fall pregnant whilst you have a Endometrioma (chocolate Cyst)?

We spoke with my consultant 2 weeks ago and he advised me the best time to fall pregnant was once my period had returned after my Prostap OR after my laparoscopy & cystectomy.

What would happen if I was already pregnant by the time my operation date comes?

Would they still do the surgery? Or would it be cancelled as it's not safe?

I'm just curious, and maybe wishful thinking 😢

Thanks in advance x

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They can't operate if your pregnant hun but I suggest you take serrapeptase aslong as your not taking blood thinning meds. Look at Kimttcnumber2 her last post she got rid of her cysts with it and iv cleared my tubes. Good luck hun. 💗🤗😘


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