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Surgery nerves!

I’ve been having horrible pain for about a year now and my doctor referred me to an endo specialist who thinks I might have endo. He suggested laparoscopic surgery to diagnose and possibly treat and told me the date would be January/February. However, he wrote to me today to inform me it will be next Thursday and while I realise I shouldn’t be complaining as so many women wait years for this kind of diagnosis and surgery I don’t feel ready! I’ve got professional exams coming up and I’m worried it’s going to put my already new career on hold, but at the same time I want the pain to stop and the fatigue to end so I can get on with work and life properly!

I’m just not mentally prepared for how soon it’s going to be - I didn’t think I’d have to ready myself for the surgery and the impending risks as soon as I’m having to be!

While I don’t anticipate any sympathy, I really just needed to vent somewhere and hope someone will have some sage words of advice for me!


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Nerves before surgery are always going to be massive but would and extra two months make much difference in how you will feel? It could help alleviate some symptoms and get you into new career with more energy etc. I think everything happens for a reason - good luck whatever happens and whatever you decided xx

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I was exactly the same I was meant to have my lap back in May but the nerves got the better of me so I cancelled it. I had my lap 2 weeks ago and honestly it’s the best thing I did as got the answers I needed, I had endo and they removed it. Once you get the answers it feels like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders.

Good luck with what ever decision you make xx

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