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Pre surgery MRI - questions to ask consultant after?


A bit of history: I am 46 and have endo for c.15 years, initially diagnosed by laparoscopy in my early 30's, no treatment at the time as relatively small amount dotted around. In late 30's I had several missed miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy - when the ectopic was operated on they commented that the pregnancies (though failed) had cleared up the endo and just some scarring left. Good news bit - surgeon saved tube and got pregnant again from this side resulting in a wonderful 6 year old boy.

Due to pain and heavy bleeding I went back to doctors earlier this year (am now 46), classic endo symptoms. Have had diagnostic lap and hysteroscopy with biopsy's. Biopsys are clear (phew!) Menopause started (fun!), only small amount of endo, however the surgeons are very concerned due to the nerve proximity so has to be removed. Classic - not safe to leave it, dangerous to remove it.

MRI is to decide whether 'just' ovaries and endo removed or full hysterectomy due to andemyosis. May need bowel surgeon present in surgery. MRI is on Tuesday and my consultant has said to call his secretary as soon as it is complete to arrange next appointment is brought forward (currently end of January).

I have my fingers crossed that the MRI has miraculously good news - however pain says otherwise. What questions should I be asking my consultant??

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