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When is it time for another lap

Good evening lovely ladies hope you are ok and not in too much pain tonight.

I had a diagnostic lap in December 2015 where endo was discovered and burnt off. I was on decapeptyl and gonapeptyl for a year with tibolone her. I have an implant in my arm which has stopped my periods. Having pain in my abdomen ovaries and tops of my leg groin pain. Also occasionally when I bent down I leak a tiny amount of urine. Just wondered if I should have another lap or not as I am terrified of surgery and not being in control. I am scared I won't wake up from the anaesthetic. Would really welcome your support and advice.

Lots of love to you all really appreciate your help. Take care my sweethearts x

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Hi. I read your post and after having had major excisional surgery, totally understand your worries and concerns. I would request a MRI by specialist centre(bsge). Should show how extensive the endo is and where. Then re- think your options. This disease tends to return but is slower the older you get apparently. Hope this helps a little. All the best x


Thank you for your reply sweetie

I have an appointment today with my consultant so going to see what he suggests is best for me.

I will let you know how I get on

Take care my lovely



Feeling nervous is natural. Laparoscopy requires a different set of skills compared to traditional surgery. In many cases, it can be more challenging to complete a procedure. For example, removing one superficial medium sized fibroid can be accomplished equally well through laparoscopy. However, a woman that has dozen of fibroids, large and small with some occupying the deep layers of the uterus is much better served with a traditional surgery. A good fertility doctor will know when laparoscopy is an advantage and when it is a liability.

Also he knows much better as for the time frames. How are the things going so far? Be blessed x


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