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Exhaustion few days prior to periods

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone else has a day or so where they feel beyond exhausted a few days before their period? I am very much tired every single day with the pain but I noticed over the last few months that about 5 days or so before my period I just have a day where I am completely exhausted, feeling very weak with no strength or energy to do anything, I can't fonction nor work. And today seems to be that day, thankfully I am not in work today, but I was just tidying up a bit my room and had to sit down on the floor as I felt I was going to pass out. My boyfriend was home with me and had to put me in bed when he found me... Last month, this happened when I was in work and I had to be sent home that day, I had to take a taxi as I did not feel I could cope with the bus journey... Any tips or advice would be great or just to know that I'm not alone would also help :)

Just so you know, I have not been formally diagnosed yet, I'm seeing a gyne and just had another ultrasound scan a couple of days ago. The gyne told me that if the scan does not show anything she will do a diagnosis lap, I'm seeing her in 2 weeks...

Thanks!! x

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Hi MaloushkaPat,

Sorry to hear you've been feeling very weak before periods- you're definitely not alone feeling such symptoms. Lots of women with endometriosis experience low energy and an overall weakened immunity before periods. Some feel so every day. Since you haven't been diagnosed with endometriosis, all i would recommend is try some relaxation techniques that you feel like trying, or changing something in your diet, like adding more veggies, for fiber and anti-inflammatory nutrients. There're lots of different complementary therapies, and books written about endo diet.

Personally, i try to drink pure berry juice (blueberry, etc), diluted with water, for added antioxidant boost. Its dense in nutrients and helpful during winter months, when immunity tends to be weaker. I also sometimes add liquid iron into berry juice- it absorbs better with vitamin C, which is abundant in berries.

Hope you feel better soon x



Mine starts about 5 days before my period and I have about 3 days in a row where I fall asleep on the sofa while watching tv at night and just feel like a zombie all day! X


Yes I get this up to 7 days before my period. I feel so drained like someone has taken my batteries out. It’s hard to function and I too have done as you have done and needed to get a cab Home as even the thought of public transport is exhausting. I have only been diagnosed through symptoms and still awaiting a lap.

Good luck x

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