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Struggling with life😣

I really want to go back to work, being in pain 24/7 makes it hard to even want to leave the house. My ankles hurt so much and the rest of me, my friends make me feel bad about not working 🤷🏾‍♀️ maybe u should get rid of them all and stay alone 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m always having to fight my own corner because no one can be bothered to want to understand having Endometriosis, Adenmyosis and asthma is not an easy thing. Migraines all the time. Being unhappy 90%

My poor son having to mainly sit indoors because I either can not move on or never in the mood😫 everyone always has a lot to say but no one ever wants to help.

This pain can be so stressful it just makes me want to give up on everything and everyone....... I have so much to say.........

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Do not give up,

Your son needs you ( even if you don't go out much ). If you are thinking suicidal thoughts please seek help, try Samaritans. My dad ended his life 28 years ago and it still effects me terribly, you are loved and needed more than you will know . Please seek help, have you tried your doctor or counselling for someone to talk to who is not judgemental ?

Post on here any time. PM me if you want, I am all ears even if I do not reply straight away.

Take care x

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Thank you


Fighting and feeling you are getting nowhere can be exhausting.

Your son needs you.

Please seek help. Talk to someone if you feel anxious. Talk to someone if you feel lost but dont close yourself away.

The fact that you are on here means you are reaching out. We are all here to support eachother. Ask us things or just tell us things. Any things. You are not alone.



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