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Help with diagnostic

I have been suffering with really bad period pain for a while now, the pain makes my thighs numb and makes it hard for me to walk as my hips and my back hurt bad, my period has also been irregular for a few years now. Everyone tells me the pain is normal. I have been the doctor and all they give me is tablets to try and ease the flow of my period to stop we of the pain. However they do not work. The pain is becoming unbearable and is interfering with my daily life.

How do I get the doctor to listen to me and get them to refer me to someone who is more experienced and more likely to help with my diagnostic.

Also is there anything I can do to try and ease the pain while I wait.

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Hi I've had this for 3 years mefanic acid did help Then I had prostrap injection s which helped but side effects were bad get refreal to gynae I've recently had a hystrcomty wish you well

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Thank you, the medication I was given just gave me stomach ache and did nothing for the pain, hope I will get a referral soon.


I also experience the exact same as you. I’ve been on mefenamic acid but these didn’t work for me. I’m now being referred for a laparoscopy to check for endometriosis. Speak to your GP again and tell them it’s causing you to have time off work/school and it’s causing you problems and you wish to see a gynaecologist

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Thank you, I will hope they refer me soon, also good look with your laparoscopy.


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