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Hi, I'm new here. Looking for advice on GP's and being taken seriously!

Hi everyone,

Glad I've finally found somewhere to talk about endo and pain with women that are going through it to!

Background: Lower right abdominal pain 6/7 years, mittelshmerz diagnosis 2011, mini pill cerelle from 2013 to stop periods (stopped November 2017 as no longer controlling pain and started irregular bleeding), Laparoscopy June 2016 found endo, pain still persistent and taking Codeine fir pain control.

I've been having trouble getting taken seriously by GP's especially since my laparoscopy in June 2016, Gynae said he had removed the endo in surgery so there's nothing more they could do. GP wants to refer me to Gastro Specialist but won't do anything until I have had blood tests and been to a sexual health clinic.

I work a full time job 8-6 Monday to Friday and don't have the time to get the blood tests even though they were taken earlier this year by a different GP confirming that there are no abnormalities in any gastro areas. I felt insulted being asked to go to the sexual health clinic when I used to go for regular check ups as a uni student and only haven't been in the last year and a half as I am in a long term relationship and the pain started years before I was even sexually active!

I'm just frustrated and angry as I feel like the GP isn't taking me seriously and just halting any opportunity to get proper help. Has anyone else had a similar experience or have any advice?

I know I probably just need to suck it up and go along with the GP but just fed up with it now!

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Hi lazzajeff,

I’ve been having the same problem. Was diagnosed when I was 16 endo was found on my bowls and all around uterus. I’m now 20, started suffering badly with the pain and doctors keep telling me not to have a period because I won’t have as much pain and keep taking pain killers! Been pushed from pillar to post with the doctors. I know your frustration, so horrible 😞


It's so frustrating and I just feel like I'm going round and round in circles and not getting any where! It's relieving to know that it's not just me but annoying that so many of us are suffering for so long without the help we need :( I just want to feel like I'm getting somewhere with how to treat it and ease the pain properly or at least feel supported by GP's and I'm sure you want the same.

Fingers crossed xx


Yes, it’s horrible I agree 100% with you. I’ve been in touch with doctors today because I think it’s spread to my bladder as hurting to go to the toilet😢 they think it’s a water infection so got to go and get checked for that! Just wish they’d listen. Hope you get some help soon too 😞 xx


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