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Hi I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in September , now I’m learning I can have Good days and Bad days or even weeks , I have had a bad week this week my period came a week earlier and I was concerned that it wasn’t my period is in normal for Endometriosis to play with my head and get me worried and upset / stressed and depressed now I work in a school too and they have seen my attendance slip even tho the know I have Endometriosis now I have been really extra emotional this week crying on everyone and just feeling down is this late depression coming out from being diagnosed can anyone say ? As I would love to know.

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Big hugs. It is a big shock and a lot to take in so understandable to be emotional and upset.

Are you on the pill or any hormone treatment? They can cause or worsen low mood as a side effect. I came off mine ( they weren't working as my Endo was hormone resistant) but I still get very anxious and emotional the day or two before, so PMT is quite strong for me. I also develop anxiety when my chronic fatigue kicks in.

Thinking of you x


Yes I’m on Desogestrel only until January when I go back to see my gynaecologist, to see how I have been then she said possibly I will have a laparoscopy.

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For me my estrogen levels are high. I find that this and the pain stops me from coping. I make mistakes, I forget things, I stress and cry. I have accidents, break things and just feel ill and not myself


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