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Am I entitled to BGSE surgeon??

Am I entitled to BGSE surgeon??

I had lap in 2010, had one cyst drained on one ovary and other burnt off on other ovary. Nobody mentioned the stage of my endo to me and just sent me off with the contraceptive pill. I didn’t use the pill as didn’t really agree with me. Since then a few times a year it seems I have what docs assume are bursts cysts, I have horrific pain for around 20 minutes like pain I cannot describe, whole body sweats and feel like it’s never going to end. NExt day, the choc blood would come out. Recently I went for an internal scan after some back pain & just a feeling of something wrong and they’ve discovered an 8cm cyst on right ovary and clear fluid blocked Fallopian “suggestive of hydrosalpinx “ on left ovary. After doing some research and speaking to others, I’m told I should be seeing a BGSE surgeon but how can I go back to my GP and request this when I don’t have it on my records of what stage my endo is? From nhs website, their definition and referral info, I personally feel as though I qualify but my GP has a bit of an attitude and will know doubt think I’m questioning his knowledge. I don’t really want to be opened up by gyny and closed back up then referred on, that’s two lots of surgery and since I saw specialist my pain has increased that’s the added complication, I don’t think I can go much longer without the op and seems to be getting worse each day. I was thinking of going to my GP monday and explaining how I don’t think correct pathway has been followed and how I want to see a BSGE surgeon as my fertility is at stake here and I’m 36 without children. I have a feeling he will say that’s up to the GYNY and knowing him he won’t allow it. He might argue that we don’t know if your endo is severe. But my argument would be that It is given previous surgery and the large cyst tube problem require surgery with a specialist especially with that tube situation. Also referral applies when endo hasn’t responded to treatment and I guess I could argue it hasn’t if it’s back in full force. Would an MRI confirm the severity? The consultant first stated he wanted to do an MRI but then changed his mind for some reason. Any advice would be so kindly appreciated. Emily x

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I believe patients may be eligible for BSGE referral in cases of refractory Endo . You can request your notes from your first surgery to guage severity. Your GP can refer you. Perhaps time to find a more sympathetic one?

Below is the NHS treatment specification pdf link to read and take to your doctor. Or Google NHS Endometriosis specification.



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