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Excision Surgery...

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I've recently had my first excision surgery and I am feeling really good at the moment apart from pains in my left hip and leg. It worsens if I've being doing anything for a period of time eg walking or driving the car I have been told it should clear up within a couple of months I just wondered whether anybody else had experienced this I'm 7 weeks post op. Also it would be interesting to hear from anyone who has had their 1st excision surgery and not needed any further op's or the length of time between their first surgery and symptoms returning. Thanks for reading!!

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Hi, I'm glad it went well.xxxx

I had my excision surgery in mid July. I get coxxyx nerve pain and tingling, which runs down my legs. I was told it's nerve pain and a good sign and will settle but it is taking it's time I have to say.

Thank you x

Hello! I had my first excision surgery last October, I recall getting sciatic pain similar to what you’ve described for about 2 months post-op. It went away, I had a good few months - then my symptoms came back with fury in July. It’s likely I’ll need another surgery soon because I’m just getting worse. I would highly recommend paying close attention to your diet, educate yourself about the disease and the endo diet and perhaps look into herbal supplements. I’ve only just started acupuncture but I’ve heard it can help with pain a lot - and can aid the healing process massively. I only wish we had some guidance with diet and natural approaches to treatment/management post-diagnosis, instead of having to learn it all on our own! I’m still learning, but if you have any questions I’ll try to help.

Thanks for your reply and I'm sorry to read that you are in pain again. You haven't had much of a break! Were you discharged after your first surgery? Did you get the same symptoms 2nd time round? I've had the mirena coil fitted which has helped massively with bleeding and pain fingers crossed 🤞 it lasts. I've been told to walk, run or swim and keep a healthy weight which all should help.

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