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hey ladies

I'm 17, I've been suffering with my periods for a long time. I've been having periods that last 20-80 days, with constant severe pain. My drs suspect endometriosis, but aren't doing anything about it aside from putting me on Cilest and Tranexamic Acid (which hasn't changed anything)

I've had blood tests that show I have a severe hormone imbalance, including hypothyroidism. They aren't doing anything about it. I'm tired all the time, my hair is falling out, and I just don't really know what to do. I'm posting this in the Thyroid forum as well to see if I can get a bit more answers, but I just want to know- has anyone else had this experience?

I'm not really being listened to due to my age even though I'm tired 24/7, I have hair loss, and I'm having bad joint pain.

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Hi there I’m sorry to hear what you are going through:( I’m on the same boat! I have had a thyroid disorder (under active) since I was 14 I’m now 30, and also a calcium disorder. It’s amazing how the thyroid gland can effect a whole variety of things in your body. I’m the same as you with the pain and bleeding, I’m on tranasamic acid and also a injection to stop my ovaries from producing a egg but I still get a bleed just not as bad. I feel sometimes cause my age I’m not being listened too aswell! I’m a mother to 3 children and I’m sterilised and they won’t give me a hysterectomy because my age! With your thyroid you will feel tired, sick, lifeless at times, hormonal ! Periods all over the place, when the gp takes your blood they will check all your levels nd they will start you on thyroxine, after a 4-6 weeks if you still feel the samr go bk to gp you might need the dose upped. Hope you are ok x


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