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Diet of a method of reducing pain

Hello ladies,

I've been diagnosed with endomitriosus 4 years ago. I had the surgery to remove it which was successful. My pain has been coming back stronger and stronger over the last year. I don't really want to keep getting more surgeries done so was curious if dieting and removing certain foods helped anyone. Please let me know as I am looking for a different option this time.

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Hi Ashleyber, there're quite a few books about endo diet, the one that is recommended by Endometriosis UK is ‘Endometriosis – A key to healing through nutrition’ by Dian Shepperson Mills and Michael Vernon. Feel free to browse this document when you have a moment: endometriosis-uk.org/sites/...

Hope this helps,



Thank you so much for your quick response Ugne! I will try to find a copy tomorrow.

Thanks again,


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I’ve discovered my trigger foods are dairy (cheese in particular) and gluten or wheat (not sure which of the two). I’ve avoided those foods for the past few months and feel much better for it.

Google Anti Inflammatory Diet. It has really helped my symptoms.


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