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Fun fact

Hello Ladies,

Today my husband put on a podcast for me to listen to as I lay in the dark with an eye mask on to protect my eyes as I fought off a coming migraine (thanks, Endo, for stressing my body out to the point of increased migraines)...

It's a podcast called You Must Remember This, available for free download on iTunes, and episodes 98, 99, and 100 are about the late, great Marilyn Monroe.

Turns out she too suffered from Endometriosis. She had it written into her film contracts that she would be excused from filming during the peak painful times of the month. She was laid up in bed every month and eventually, between that and a few studio forced abortions, was rendered unable to carry a pregnancy by the time she was 30. Her Endo pain was also, sadly, the beginning of her dependency on powerful pain medication, which played a role in her eventual early passing.

If you're feeling really down from this awful illness, know that you share something with the eternal blonde bombshell. She is yet another woman who lived through this pain, carrying on as best she could. Endo touches whoever it wants, regardless of fame or fortune.

(Also, this is an interesting podcast and free to download if you're looking for something you can just rest and listen to while you're laid up in bed.)

I just found that fact extremely interesting and a little encouraging. Even Norma Jean battled with Endo. I hope it makes some of you smile a bit. You're so far from alone. 💖

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Another famous lady but in the world of christianity , Saint Hildegarde von Bingen born in 1098. She was a famous Benedictine Abbess, who is also believed to have suffered from Endometriosis as well.


Nah, that was just "female hysteria"...


Marilyn's bio mom was institutionalised with "female hysteria" when Marilyn was a young child - I wonder if that was Endo too....

It's amazing how many strong women through history have dealt with this awful thing!


Isn't it and in 1098, women didn't exactly have any rights! I still say that if men had Endo we would have found out root and cause and had had a cure. But as you say 'female hysteria'..............


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