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Weight Woes

I'm a comfortable size 8 with the odd size 10 usually. But lately I feel that I am pushing a 12. None of these sizes are big but I know what I am used to. I know what's right for me. Does anyone else find that their weight fluctuates? I seem to have bloomed these last few weeks, gone up two bra sizes and almost two dress sizes. It doesn't seem to be noticeable as my friends would disagree but the clothes I've ordered and received today are all going back cause they're all too small. Anyone else?

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This happened to me after both my surgeries. You could try anti inflammatory supplements like ginger and turmeric. I was also less bloated cutting out food groups that cause inflammation and small intestinal bloating, eg gluten and dairy and refined sugars. I'm currently trying the FODMAP elimination diet under oversight from a nutritionist.

Here are some notes on some diet factors I made as I went along in case of use.


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Thank you so much xoxoox


I’m the exact same. I’ve literally gone up about 3 dress sizes due to endo. A week ago I started eating gluten and dairy free food and I can already notice a difference in my bloating and I have also lost 2lb in a week just off eating gluten and dairy free x


I do get tempted to do things like that but I've always been told cutting out gluten is bad unless you're actually ceoliac? But if you feel better for it then I may try also. So annoying though cause I am such a good eater. I love my veg. I love home made meals. Never really get a take away and am not a big drinker and yet here I Am, bloat galore. So frustrating. Will deffo look at rejigging my diet xx


Yeah I would give it a chance. I didn’t know whether to do it myself I couldn’t make the decision because I’m a really fussy eater and I thought i would struggle but I’ve found it fine. The only bad thing is it’s a little bit more expensive but I would happily pay more money to know that I won’t be as bloated x


I've ordered some gluten free and diary free cook books. Not to change my diet completely but to improve. And I've read that soy milk should be avoid cause its got oestrogen in xx


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