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Morning ladies,

I've previously had 4 laps for stage 3 endo, last one being end of Nov 2017 where I had extensive removal done. Since then my partner and I have been TTC. This month I am now 3 days late, but tests are showing as negative? I've had some odd symptoms this month and wonder if anyone can relate with endo scarring and early pregnancy... The week before I was due, I had 4/5 days of an odd pulling pain deep in my right hip (around ovary area) that got worse and worse, it felt like a cyst growing and filling until it got very painful, and then disappeared, it was different to the endo pain I normally get there (which is a deep dull ache with pulling). Today (day 3 of no period) My lower abdomen feels tender but not period crampy....

I've also felt a bit off, I had an awful cold, then my tummy felt really squiggly the week before last, I'm ridiculously emotional (I keep crying at tv adverts?!), normally the week before my period I'd feel exhausted and I don't at all, in fact I seem to have more energy than normal.

I'm sure I'm just clinging to hope, and my period will show up this evening. But thought I'd ask! xxx

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Hey hun

Nov 2017 hasn't been yet was your last lap last year.

I would say we know our bodies pretty well and we know when something isn't right or different for us.

Last week I woke up a few days with cramping in my tummy which I don't normally get when period is due I normally get pain in my back Iv been ttc for nearly 3 years now. Been pregnant but lost them early. So I did a test in Friday day before Af and got a faint positive. It's early days and I'm anxious really bad. Anyway I think there's a possibility you are.

Are your cycles regular

Do you normally spot before them

Give it another couple days and test again hun. Hopefully you will be.



Thanks so much for the response! I meant Nov 2016!

Huge congratulations!! What great news!!!

I hadnt thought what you have written 'we know our bodies well' you are right!! Im keeping my fingers firmly crossed 🀞🀞🀞

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Thank you hun

I defo find us endo ladies and ttc ladies know our bodies very well.

Good luck hun hope everything works out. πŸ’—πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

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