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Some good news!

After spending over a week throwing up, in the worst pain of my life, I finally received some good news. I got a decent job. Although this isn't necessary about endo, sometimes I think that when you're under the weather, some good news helps you feel better. This is a giant flip-off to my old job who sacked me because "endometriosis isn't a real thing, it's made up by girls who just can't cope with a period". Told them to spend some time with their heads out their arses and look up what a serious medical condition it is. But now I have a better job, and although it's only part time, it's something to help me get by.

Em :)

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Congrats hun it’s always nice to hear good news. I don’t believe people at your old work said that endo is not a real things it’s s very big and serious thing. Anyways you showed them by not giving up and getting a even better job else where keep your head up hun x


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