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Help with Endometriomas (chocolate cysts)

Hello all, I was diagnosed with endo about 3 years ago because a chocolate cyst was found on one ovary and periods were irregular. I had decapeptyl for 6months which took my cyst down to safe size rather than having it removed.

My regular scans are showing it’s increasing every 6 months so it’s inevitable I will have to decide to have jabs or laparoscopy in the next year or so.

I don’t suffer with pain until my periods are with me the only thing I suffer with are moods including tiredness, depression and the gaps are getting further between my periods which is a problem to me as I get stuck with bad moods after 3 weeks until my period arrives. Sometimes my period is a villain and hero at the same time.

Questions I am after answering is if anyone knows if my cyst is capable of all this imabalance. Getting confused with all there is to read on it. This would be my main advantage to getting it removed. Also does my condition mean I have low or high levels of estrogen (or possibly not necessarily )

Any other advice is greatly appreciated too including any advice on how to lessen symptoms or supplements to take. The pill Doesn’t work for me, it makes me bleed still and makes me feel depressed more.

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