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Hi I was just wondering does anyone suffer with being out of breath doing the smallest tasks. I am not on any medication or anything. Had laparoscopy a month ago. Frozen pelvis and extensive endometriosis. I had my period a week ago but had two ablations so little amount of period so would not have thought it was anaemia though I did feel like this when I was anaemic for near on a year. Will be having a scan on my kidney area as suffer a lot with kidney and left sided pain.

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Do get your levels checked my vit d and folate was/is low and I get out of breath xx


AllWeNeedIsLuv, Thank you so much for your reply. Will make another trip to Doctors and get this checked. Xx


They ended up checking my levels due to my fatigue getting worse cramps and pins and needles. Definitely felt out if breath. Still do when I go upstairs Turns out I had low vit d and folate. They give me strong ones to take for three month I'm now 4 weeks pregnant iv only been taking the vitamins a week so it's helped somewhere I just hope this one sticks. Xx


Hi there, I find that when the bloating is really bad, I get really out of breath. It literally feels like I'm retaining so much fluid that my lungs can't expand properly. My husband has asthma so I've used his blue inhaler (for immediate relief) and it's helped ease it a bit for me. Told my GP and they said that was fine.

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