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Not sure if this is normal???? I'm freaking out and feel like I cannot tell anyone about this

Sorry if this has nothing to do with this site but I don't know where else to ask about this kind of stuff and I feel pretty alone.... I've been taking a continuous birth control pill for 3 years now and I have never spotted or bled during this 3 year time span. Last night my boyfriend and I had intervourse and I noticed that I was bleeding when I sat on the toilet. I didn't think anything of it since it wasn't a whole lot but a few hours later when I go to bathroom to pee, I notice that my underwear is covered in blood. And sometimes when we have sex I get discomfort in my pelvic region. I looked up symptoms and it's freaking me out....could this be cervical cancer, an STD, an infection???

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Am I right in assuming you are in the US?

Will you call the ER to ask their advice.

Not sure what your system is there but we would contact the Out-of-hours on call GP for a medical need when our own Doctor's practice is closed for the weekend.

Best to stay calm and not think of the worst for now, don't you think.

Rest and get this investigated as soon as you can. Drink plenty of liquids.

If bleeding persists and becomes heavy would a visit to ER be an option?

Finally, have you had any recent Diarrhoea in which case the pill may have not been absorbed and not be effective?


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Or you could visit a minor injuries clinic that usually have a GP attached? Either please get some medical advice asap.

Big hug.


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