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Has anyone had a successful pregnancy despite having endometriosis?

Hi ladies.

Brief history- laparoscopy in June found and removed endo from the pouch of Douglas- finally after trying for 5 years and 10 months we had a reason for our infertility. We conceived in July but sadly I lost the baby at 4 and a half weeks. It's been 3 months and still no pregnancy since.

I can't but wonder if endo is causing my infertility and miscarriage.

I have written to my fertility consultant expressing great concern- that was 2 and a half weeks ago and I haven't heard back.

By the medics I feel unsupported and my concerns aren't being taken seriously.

My endo pain is back, my periods are horrendous and I'm suffering terrible bowel movements. For the second time I've had faeces in my front end which isn't normal.

I now wonder if I should've insisted a endo specialist removed my endo-at the time medics dismissed I even had endo.

Any advice would be appreciated. X

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Bless you, so sorry to hear of your miscarriage. I conceived a baby last year after 2 years trying. We lost the baby too unfortunately. We didn't have a formal diagnosis of endo then, i had my lap after my miscarriage which revealed quite extensive endo, and I was told I was lucky to have fallen pregnant. We're a year down the line since my last pregnancy, I have had 2 laps in that time so had to skip a few months of trying to make sure the procedures could go ahead (I was actually a week away from my first lap when I found out if was pregnant, so that had to be cancelled and then re-arranged when I miscarried). I'm hoping that this lap will have improved my fertility (my last one was just diagnostic), and have read so many success stories of women getting pregnant quickly after excision surgery, and having full term and healthy pregnancies. I have read a lot of research about endo increasing risk of miscarriage, however have read a lot of research to say that it's only gettting pregnant it effects. I try to remember that miscarriage is very common for all women sadly, and what happened to us may not be endo related. After my miscarriage my cycles and periods altered for about 5/6 months, so it could be that your body is taking a bit of time to settle back down. A miscarriage is quite a trauma emotionally and physically, your body has been through a lot. X


I'm so sorry to hear of your miscarriage its heart breaking.

I'm lucky I know I can conceive now.

My endo has flared up and I worry what impact this will have.

I seen my dr yesterday coz of a bowel issue and she is arranging a scan and wants me back hopefully she'll send me back to my gynae. Things aren't right.

I'm really to hear you've have had such a tough journey- and I wish you the best and hope you fall soon x


So sorry to hear of your miscarriages ladies.

I was diagnosed with Endo at 19, had to have my left Fallopian tube removed with a suspected ectopic pregnancy (they asked if I wanted it to be sent to pathology for it be confirmed but I declined..) as well as having Endo removed. In the next 8 years I had another 8 Laps to remove Endo as well as Zoladex and Prostap courses. I had my last Lap end of August 2013 and joyfully became pregnant mid November 2013. I didn't give my Endo much chance of returning after my daughter was born and amazingly became pregnant again with my son in May 2015. It was a long road but I was also determined to have a family and kept up the momentum with operations when I needed them. Call your Consultants secretary (you can be put through by switchboard if you give your Consultants name) and demand a call back or an appointment. My Consultant was amazing but extremely scatty - I don't think he'd ever get round to responding to letters and I imagine the secretary would prioritise them pretty low too unfortunately. Make your voice heard!

Goodluck x

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Thank you for the stories of success- you hear links with endo and miscarriage and you worry if you can carry a baby full term.

I'm sorry over your loss and you have had such a difficult time with this hideous condition. People don't realise how much endo impacts on your quality of life.

I've seen a dr yesterday over serious issues with my bowels- she has arranged an urgent scan. And wants me back to see her and she'll arrange me to see my gynae- something isn't right. Hopefully with her on my side I'll get somewhere thank you xoxo


Hello. I was stage 4 Endo. I had one tube removed and incredibly felt pregnant 12 months later :) I had a baby girl. Only the one but she was a gift.

She is now 30 and was also diagnosed with Endo and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

She was told (just as they told me) she would never have children. She has since had 2 healthy baby boys :)

Endo can be managed. I tried hormones. They did more damage to my body and my mental state. I did have many surgeries to remove the Endo and for the most it helped. I went on natural therapy and that has been a great option with much success. A low carb diet is vital.

I eventually did develop Adneomyosis in my uterus and almost bled to death as my period would not stop for some weeks. I lost heavy clots and blow flow and was so weak.

I ended up having a hysterectomy but kept my ovaries and menopause has been very easy for me.

You will have children. Don't ever accept what doctors tell you.

I wish you all the best.



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