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Endometriosis found when I had my laprascompy. What's next?

Hi I just had a laprascompy 17/10/17 and surgeon found endometriosis and it's even by my bowel. I won't have a follow up for 4-12 weeks I'm just wondering what is the likely chance of having the endometriosis removed as it causing constant agonising pain and I'm on the mierna coil and no painkillers seem to help with the pain

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The usual course of actions is to have it excised. I was told I had been put on the list for excision surgery as soon as I woke up from my diagnostic. Gynocologist said if it had been mild he would have treated it there and then, but it was fairly extensive and had a fair bit on my ureter. Excision has just been done laparoscopically, and already feeling some relief from the back pain.

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Thank you Michelle. They said they excised some and sent it to the lab but never told me if it was all excised or just some. I'm still abit sore from having the surgery as it was only a couple days ago. Just want the follow up appointment so I can find out more.

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