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Just back from docs - fertility - information sharing


I wanted to give a quick report on a fertility convo with my doctor tonight in case useful.

Me: I'm 33 no children, stable relationship. I have a 7cm cyst on my left ovary that will be operated on/drained soon. I have other more minor endo symptoms too.

Doc said:

- because I am 'young' and don't have kids yet, he will try to avoid taking out the ovary when he takes out the cyst

- I am ovulating every month so that's good

- I still have an OK number of eggs because I'm 33

- endo will grow back after operation

- IF I want to get pregnant, the advice is that I take a year off work and try to go for it ASAP. Fertility will get complicated soon.

- I should add that I think part of the year off advice was a response to the fact that I have a mega crazy job which involves lots of travel

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Hi, all good but please, don't rely on the fact you are 33 to say number of eggs good. I was in almost exactly the same situation with cyst on L ovary which kept recurring, and ended up being removed. By the time I reached the top of the NHS ivf waiting list at 34 my AMH was only 0.9. After several unsuccessful own egg cycles I ended up achieving my children through the help of an egg donor. I also ovulated every month, my day 3 FSH was low and all other bloods normal. There is no history of early menopause or fertility problems in my family.

Just to let everyone know that unfortunately age is no guarantee of a good egg reserve. :-(

Good luck with the future. X x


Thank you Mierran for sharing this so openly with me. I haven't had any fertility tests but will do so after my lap.


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