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How to find out when your operation date is?

Hi I’m new here but I was hoping someone could help me. I’ve been waiting since April to find out when my operation for endo is going to be. They told me it would be June/July but I am still waiting. Does anyone know who I call at the hospital to find out? Do I just call the gynocology department main reception? I’m not sure I even know what to say. I’m worried that they have forgotten to put me on the waiting list and am getting anxious even thinking about it. I’ve already gone for an operation in February but they literally opened me up and went nope too severe for us, as my ovary was going into my bowel, and closed me up without doing anything. I feel I have already been waiting too long and I’m just getting worried. Will me ringing them up get me seen any faster?

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Give the hospital a call and ask to be put through to gynae waiting list dept - they will be able to look into it for you. Xx


hi. you need to ring the hospital and ask to speak to your consultants secretary. you will need to give them your hospital patient number which you will find on a letter. if you explain you were told in april you were going on a waiting list for an operation and youve not heard anything yet they will be able to point you in the right direction. definately worth chasing as mistakes do happen. it maybe that they are trying to get multiple surgeons together which can take some time. i waited 9 months for my recent op due to this. x


Absolutely chase this up! You have been waiting too long. I had my diagnostic lap in July and just recovering my my second lap that removed the endo. I fought for the op I just had following been given a date in December originally. I kindly pointed out the NHS guidelines that patients have a right to non urgent treatment within 18 weeks, and the date they had given me was well outside of the 18 weeks. After been told there was no possible way of been seen sooner, there was suddenly a date available! Good luck, I hope you get a date soon, the waiting is the worst! Xx


Thanks guys for your responses. I do think maybe because I have to have a bowel surgeon on stand by as well in the room that maybe it is taking longer but it has come up to the 6 month mark now and it is getting ridiculous. Hopefully me ringing them gets them to hurry up. I’ll ring up the point again about waiting over 18 weeks. Thanks again x


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