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Waist trainers / Corsets / control underwear and Endometriosis

Just wondering if anyone has used waist trainers/ Corsets / control underwear with endometriosis and seen any benefits? I have read on another forum a few things about women finding the support helpful.

My stomach/ waist area hasn't been the same since my lap, so the benefits on appearance would be an advantage but I'm more interested in if anyone has found it helps with pain .

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Hello Adele,

I'm glad I came across your post because now it's making sense to me!

So I had a lap in April and I'm currently on injection 2 of Zoladex (3rd injection tomorrow) and I started wearing my corset in June which was two months after my lap! After the lap my experience of the pain was 10x worse hence the decision to start Zoladex. However when I was wearing my corset the pain seemed to subside a little (although I won't lie it didn't go! However it was better).

I personally bought the corset for appearance purposes! Doesn't everyone want that perfect figure haha!

I have never seen or read the correlation between the two before and my friends/mum think I'm making up that it helps (they think I'm being vain) - which I am but it does help!

So thank you for that post and the answer to your question is yes for me it personally helped a little.



That's really interesting thanks! Sounds silly but I find when I'm exercising if I hold certain areas of my abdo area it helps with the pain. I figure if something is applying that pressure for me if might help 😊


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