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Newly diagnosed with endo n adeno ..suffering for 20+ yrs and now going for tlh RSO w da Vinci.. your help suggestions are much needed

Hi all you wonderful gals,

I am Archana, 40 year old who gave up a job I loved 3 yrs back as it all got too much. I currently live in Mumbai, india.

Very New to endo.and adeno. new to knowing that all that I have been enduring through....( many times to my wits end, testing my limits of bearing pain while not knowing what's wrong with me) actually has a name but no cure has been overwhelming but also a relief ...( I am not going nuts phew...)

I found a good youngish surgeon who understands all that is endo and it does to us ( after many a gynae who pushed aside my repeatedly saying something is not ok) and is keenly interested in endo the research around it and creating awareness. She has done 200+ laproscopic da Vinci operations and half of those are endo related she says so I think I am in good hands. Searched a lot to find someone who specialises in endo and it wasn't easy here at all

I have endometriosis stage 3/4 and severe adenomyosis in uterus muscles, large cysts on right ovary which is stuck behind uterus and endo on pelvic walls. Have had complex anal fistula and subsequent 4 surgeries for that in 3 yrs now it's finally gone...

On the endo and my planned surgery ( 28 Oct is the day) I still have lot of questions that only you who have gone thru this and experienced this can answer:

1. Post op DOS and don'ts

2. Realistic recovery timel....likely recovery time.. my doc says in a week I will be able to do everything but having had 3 anal fistula surgeries in last 3 yrs I know what they say and what u experience is not same. So realistically when will I be back to normal as in no major pain or discomforts and low moods is what I am very keen to know.

3. What all to prepare for pre surgery : What kind of clothes should u prepare for wearing post surgery n for how long till u can wear comfy pants. Do u need any special underwear ( I read about mesh underwear) .

I read about gas meds, peppermint n ginger tea, heat pad, pillows, someone to take care of u first week or two n cook etc. These I am getting done

4. Impact of tlh with one ovary left behind on u? Real impact that u experienced in body, periods, endo n cycle pains, Ur sex life do u get back to it does the endo related pain go away.

Look forward to hearing from all of you lovely women and I am so glad u found u all as I don't know anyone in my circles who has been thru endo and hence feel lonely n lost many a times despite supportive family. .I know u know what I mean by that

Thanks hugs n light to u all in ur recovery and perseverance...

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