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only so many days you can paint that smile on.

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So most of the time I am so bloody tired and I tend to have some back ache. My other pains come and go and id like to think I have a pretty good pain threshold so I just put my smile on and carry on.

Sometimes though its all just to much.

Some days the back pain the pelvic pain the tiredness and sickly feeling the heavy periods and the IBS and acid reflux are all just to much. They all effect every bit of life, from work, to keeping up with the kids , to keeping a healthy relationship with my partner and keeping hold of friendships.

Today is a poo day, sat in work in the dark (part of my job) feeling like my pelvic area is about to fall out, worrying that as I am so heavy that I might leak even though I've not long been the bathroom and exhausted and sickly. Smiling through it seems a big ask for today.

But what does give me comfort is knowing that the worse will go away for a little bit soon and the rest a can for now manage until it rears its ugly head again in a couple of weeks and that I'm not alone , that there are 1000's of amazing women out there going through the same thing every day. 1000's of women paint on the smile and keep going even though some days are just so bloody painful.

Reading all your posts gets me through so thank you all for sharing your stories, your information, your feelings.

Lots of love xxx

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