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Endometriosis experiences

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I’m currently 4 days post op after a laparoscopy. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis which I really don’t know that much about and also I had a tilted womb which was corrected. I wasn’t told how bad my endometriosis was after surgery just that it was removed the best they could, and that eventually it would cause fertility issues. I’m guessing bad? I was constantly getting dull pain on my left side but I didn’t know if it was my bowel or ovary (so close). I just want to know what’s others experience with endometriosis and what’s the pain like? I’m going a little bit crazy as I’m still getting slight pain on my left but I’m putting it down to being sore after surgery. I feel very alone in this at the moment

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I also felt shell shocked when I got diagnosed in 2015. It's mentally and physically an ordeal and I felt like I'd just been left with a diagnosis I didn't really understand. I wrote a blog about how I was feeling which you're welcome to read angelpiesite.wordpress.com

Be kind to yourself and rest for now x

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