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Very light period

Hi ladies

I had a biopsy of my womb last week on Friday, and I was meant to have my period this wednesday which I have started. But it very very light, only blood when I wipe and mostly black blood. Is this normal? I am worried. This is the lightest period I have ever had. I am not even filling a pad and the blood is only when I wipe. Should I be worried? As mentioned before I did have a biopsy of my womb. Any help would be great xxx

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Hi , this is the kind of bleeding I've had after biopsies I was always warned it would happen.


Thanks for your reply hun, was it during your period that it became lighter? I didn't bleed after the biopsy but my normal period is just so light! X


I'm not medical but if it was me I'd call a nurse or something to get my mind put at rest. I had a biopsy a few years ago and it didn't affect my period but people are different and people will react differently xoxo


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