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Help! Coil/endo/agony!!

Hiya ladies

I know it's really early days but I had my coil fitted this morning, I came on yesterday so everything is really sore anyway, I had a Laparoscopy to treat endometriosis in august,

I'm currently in bed doubled over in pain, I've had al the pain relief I can have and have a hot water bottle. Ive not had a child but I feel like the pain could be similar to contraction pain, it comes in sharp stabbing waves like every few minutes. I just wondered if anyone else had somthing similar. Is it so bad because I'm on or is it ment to be this bad ? Please someone help!

Vicky x

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Hello Vik9

So sorry to hear of the horrid time you are having. I have had a coil fitted in july and still have cramps and only now have settled a bit with light bleeding. It has been an awful ordeal. I have been told the coil takes at least 3 months to settle down. I have been on tranexamic acid tablets and mefenamic acid tabs. I heard it works well for others. But it didn't agree with me. So I had to stop and have tried to manage on a day to day basis.

Try and speak to your GP or consultant for some pain relief. Hope you feel better soon. Hang in there. Big hugs x

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I have had 2 Mirena coils to treat endometriosis and both times I was in agony for 2 days after fitting. My gynae told me that it was my womb contracting trying to reject it.

Good news is that the severe cramps won’t last that long if you’re the same as me. Plus it’s the best treatment I have ever had for my endo pain, hopefully will be for you too x

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Thankyou girls, the pain isn't as horrific as yesterday but it's still very much there ! I've literally more or less stopped bleeding, I didint think it would happen so quick, still spotting alittle. I'm on codiene, paracetamol and ibuprofen of the pain, and buscopan for the IBS symptoms I get with the endo. I'm going to see how I get on the next few weeks. The codiene doesng get rid of the pain just takes the edge off. Can anyone recommend pain relief that's worked for them?

Thankyou Vicky x


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