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So frustrated!

Hi All,

I’m sorry to rant but I am so sick of endometriosis right now. Back in April I had my second lap to remove endo and to drain/remove a 10cm ovarian endometrioma from my left ovary, this was the second surgery in 18 months. Today I have been for a follow up scan to be told that the cyst on my left ovary has either come back/re filled and is currently measuring at about 6.5cm. I cannot deal with another surgery anytime soon and certainly don’t want to keep having them to remove cysts that are just going to keep coming back again and again.

I just do not know what to do and it is so frustrating having to go through this constantly and the last thing I want is to have my ovary removed :(

Has anybody else experienced anything like this that can offer some advice?

Thanks in advance xxx

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Hi amy-x. Sorry it this is a lot of information. If you dont mind me asking how old are you? They will only drain cysts if you are of child bearing age. It is a double edged sword as draining means the capsule isnt removed so it will fill back up. Removal means it will take longer but it damages the ovary and the number of eggs.

Have they put the coil in or started ypu on birth control to stop periods? If not then yes that will inc the chances of cysts coming back.

Was your surgeon a gen gynea? You may wish to look at 2 documents tnat you can find online, the NICE guidelines for endo treatment and the ESHRE document, its long but find the section that relates to you.

I had my 2nd lap Tuesday with a bsge specialist, please feel free to ask any questions :-)


Hi Thats okay :) I’m 25 years old, my consultant did say that the cyst was drained last time but that they couldn’t remove everything as it was an endometrioma and stuck to other places. I tried the mirena coil which didn’t agree with me and I had a lot of pain from it so had to have that removed. I am now on the depo injection, but for the first 5 months I was bleeding every single day and it has only recently started to settle which has maybe contributed to the cyst filling back up?

I will take a look at those docs you have suggested and speak to my consultant at our next appointment. Thank you for replying :) xx

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