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Excision uterosacral ligament, back and sciatic pain

Hello lovely ladies,

I had an excision of the uterosacral ligament (fair chunk) on top of ablation on ovary, ovarian drilling and removal of fibroid 13th sept.

Recovery much longer than I expected, back to work yesterday and my back pain has worsened with a vengeance! In addition to this I have pain down my left leg radiating to my glutes and sciatic nerve area.

Usual pain relief is not effective and never has been, only thing that helps is a hot bath or water bottle. Pain increases as day goes on and is accompanied with bladder and bowel spasms for which buscopan seems to help.

Anyone else had this and found some successful remedies? Reflexology has been assisting but can't afford to have weekly.

Work have been great but I need to drive and sit a lot for work which isn't helpful, have swapped my usual heels for flats!

Thanks in advance


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If you are in the UK I assume you had surgery at a BSGE accredited endo centre? You need to give a good 3 months to assess how you feel. A nerve runs along the US ligament that joins the sacrum then becomes part of the sciatic nerve. One of the symptoms of US ligament endo is sciatic pain and the left is more commonly affected. Your body doesn't know the difference between pain caused by endo and surgery to remove it. The nerve will have been aggravated and can take quite a while to settle. You will have a 3 month review but if you contact the specialist endo nurse at the centre they should make a referral to their pain management team who might be able to help.


I found Yin yoga stretching poses helpful to release sciatica nerve. Also, when you're dealing with lots of stress and pain, magnesium is always helpful- it's best absorbed via skin- so magnesium sprays and/or salt baths are best. A good physio, osteopath and acupuncture may help too. But we're all different, so its best to do your own research, to try and test what works for you best.

I hope your pain settles down soon.

Take care,



I find a Himalayan salt bath is good for so many things and definitely helps


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