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Pain before period

I suffer badly from pain before my period, I’m due in a few days and the stomach pain has increased so much in the last few hours and my back pain is making it hard to walk. Boosting, nausea and sore breasts, headache are other things I’m experiencing rn

Is this pain normal as it’s so painful and I keep getting a shooting pain in my lower stomach

Could it be endo?

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Hi :)

I suffer with heavy periods too. I always used to get cramps 5 days before I was due on, and the pain would get so intense I couldn't walk. Does it feel abnormal to you or is this what normally happens? It could be a really bad period or a sign of endo. It's definitely worth talking to a doctor about this because the earlier you go, the earlier they can diagnose and treat what's wrong.

I'm by no means a doctor so feel free to skip past this, but sometimes hearing someone else who suffers helps you to push through and get it checked. If something feels abnormal or wrong, I would always recommend getting seen by a doctor. You don't have to suffer in silence :)

Hope everything works out for you!


I don’t have heavy periods every month but I’m seeing a gynae on Thursday as my doctor suspects endo. The pain gets more severe each month


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