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Referral issues

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Hi there, first time posting and just need to get something off my chest!

I was eventually diagnosed with endometriosis September last year. Fast forward 6 months and I got all the symptoms again so I went to my doctor and asked for some help, this was in March and after tests to rule everything else out, I have only just got an appointment to see a gynaecologist..... it’s next month.

Is this normal? Considering I’ve been diagnosed already...? I thought this time around I would just be referred to a gynaecologist and get myself sorted out...

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Can you remember what the Consultant said at the last appointment? What does the letter say, in terms of the Consultants letter to your GP? Was there a list of things you were to try, was there no follow-up appointment?

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Is your gyne a BSGE accredited specialist? Sorry to say but there is zero point wasting your time with normal gyne, it will only delay the proper support you need. Who Dx you with endo? Can you go back to that person or GP and say based on the endo Dx you received, you need to be referred to BSGE centre? You can find your nearest on google. Good luck

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