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I'm a newbie and I feel awful

Hello. I'm new to this site, and to the prospect of being diagnosed with endometriosis. I'm waiting for a laparoscopy to finalise the diagnosis but my Gyane says it must be endo.

I think really I've been experiencing my symptoms for longer than I can remember, but in the last few years that I've tried to seek help from numerous GPs, I've been diagnosed with various ailments from a stomach ulcer, IBS, trapped wind, to depression, anxiety, PCOS and 'that's just how this is for you.'

For me, the worst symptom is the mood swings. The crushing bouts of depression that make you question your every day life, and just what the hell you are doing. I just assumed I have been having a quarter life crisis for the last few years, but after a fortnight or so of feeling like that (coinciding of course with my period, which can be between every 5-12 weeks) I am 'back to my old self' again and am frustrated that I have felt that way, often lashing out at peers and friends.

I have been a nurse now for seven years. I love my job, but it is horrendously stressful. A couple of years ago I tried for a career change in an office environment, convinced that being somewhere less stressful would help me. Unfortunately my symptoms were unchanged, and I ended up feeling disillusioned about my new job, not having the same satisfaction from it that I gleaned from nursing. So I returned. But again, I am caught in a vicious cycle of feeling rubbish physically and mentally, whilst trying to keep it together for a job.

I am an advocate for natural health and natural remedies and would like to try some first before pursuing any medicinal treatments. I exercise regularly, though this makes the pain worse. I eat a relatively balanced diet, but I've yet to find anything to help the symptoms. Hot baths too.

Does anybody have any other suggestions that they've tried and have worked for them? I'm open to suggestion.

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I feel for you I'm in a similar in the diagnostic I'm young my mum has always told me my period pains are normal and I got told because I'm new to sex the only reason I get pain is because I need to get used to it I finally decided to go to the doctor after getting ill then not shaking off stomach pains and losing weight that when the doctor asked me if I was bulimic and then just told me I have anxiety and he doesnt want to see me again I finally went to a female doctor that sent me to the hospital 😭 Anyway I'm currently on a diet of gluten free foods with lots of fruit and veg I have also cut down on dairy the diet is helping me but like today sometimes my belly cant help but ache 😔I also take extra vitamins and minerals 🤔Changing your diet removing gluten, taking extra vitamins and minerals, getting lots of rest, using a hot water bottle to ease the pain and taking up yoga is my advice 🤔

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Thank you for your reply. What a shame that you also have been given the run around before being given some help. I've tried going gluten free but it didn't make much difference to me, for me swapping caffeine for alternatives like calming herbal teas has helped in that I'm not as 'wired' or tense as I was previously. Definitely plan on starting some yoga, though it helps if you're already a little bendy. I'm so tense I may snap in half! But I will give it a go :)

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Thank you I nearly gave up at the beginning 😣 Ahh okay if herbal tea has helped maybe herbal supplements will be for you? 🤔 Haha Yeah I used to do yoga and be really good but lately it really hurts I need to get back into. Excercise in general is meant to help but I've developed exercise induced asthma so its hard for me but might help you x


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